Twin Falls, ID - United States

How did you know Grace?

I knew Grace through Instagram. I never met her in person.

What is a memory you have of Grace? How did Grace impact your life?

The best memory I have of Grace is when I posted a picture of myself and she commented, I replied back thank you and she asked if I was ok? It seemed weird to me because I didn’t really know her or had talked to her before. I said I am a little sad and she said I could tell you eyes looked sad. I was really surprised that she even took the time to look at my photo that close and really to even ask me because I was a stranger to her. We started talking and I told her that I had lost my grandma and some girls at school were being mean. We talked on Instagram for an hour and she really helped me feel better and work through some stuff, I had never told anyone else. Grace was a complete stranger but after that night she was my friend. We talked off and on after that for about 4 months. When I found out she passed away all I could think of was that God needed his angel back because she certainly was on. Grace was the best person I know and an angel here on earth. My heart goes out to her family and those who lives she touched. I hope they always know what Grace did for me and how she helped a stranger be better. Love you Grace and one day I can’t wait to meet you.