Quincy, IL - United States

How did you know Grace?

Grace was technically my little cousin but boy we were so much more that that. Sisters is what we always called each other and that’s exactly what we are. She will forever be my sister❤️. From the moment she was born I knew we’d be Bestfriend’s forever. We shared so many memories together so many laughs so many jokes and much more. I could count on Grace every time. Wether it be watching my boys, helping me pick out a cute outfit or just simply cleaning up toys. She was always there to give a helping hand. I miss you more that words could ever say. I love you forever and always Gace Catherine. Until we meet again my sweet girl❤️

What is a memory you have of Grace? How did Grace impact your life?

Oh my do I have soo many memories. I think my absolute favorite memory was when grace was just a little girl. Grace lived in Montana at the time and she was coming back for a visit to Quincy so me and her grandma Yvonne went to pick them up from the airport and we were waiting for them to come walking down the way and we both seen each other instantly. Grace took off running as fast as she could jumped into my arms and gave me the biggest hug. Grace I will be forever grateful for all you have done for my family and myself . I can’t wait till the day I am called home and get to relive this memory once again. I love you!