Quincy, IL - United States

How did you know Grace?

Her grandmother blessed me today with her story.

What is a memory you have of Grace? How did Grace impact your life?

I was working outside McDonald’s in Quincy, Illinois on building maintenance. I was at the drive through area when a lady handed me a card and a 20.00 bill. She said her granddaughter had died two years ago. Her name was Grace. She went on to explain to me that like Grace she was doing random acts of Kindness in her memory. It melted my heart. Restored my faith in humanity and touched my soul. Grace in Heaven must be smiling down on me today. Thank you to this dear grandmother for blessing me today. I’m just a 68 year old construction worker but I was very honored today. She quoted special Bible verses to me and as a true believer in Jesus Christ as my savior I was blessed. Thank you Grave for living on in your grandmothers heart, word, and actions. God Bless and Thank You.