Kansas City, KS - United States

How did you know Grace?

I did not know Grace until she passed away but I feel as if she was my best friend. He story has inspired me to change my life.

What is a memory you have of Grace? How did Grace impact your life?

I have accepted Christ as my savoir because of Grace. I was at a very low point in my life and was scrolling through fakebook and ran into a post on our buy sell and trade in Kansas City. it was Grace's Story. I listened to the memories that her family and friends shared about her. Then followed the hashtag. I have no idea what really happened next. It could have been Grace telling me she was with me, but my mind seems clearer and my heart more at peace after seeing her story. I went to a church meeting that following Wednesday and heard the story of Ruth. Then I went back the next Wednesday and then the next and 5 months later chose to be baptized. the minute my face came out of the water a bright light hit it. I know it was God and his beautiful Grace telling me that I was welcomed and loved. I didn't know Grace but I will forever walk with her in my heart. God Bless her family and friends. I pray for you all often and thank you for changing my life #belikegrace