Liberty, IL - United States

How did you know Grace?

Grace was my role model at liberty school. I would see her in the hallway she would ask me about the day with her beautiful white smile I have ever seen. When I saw Grace's name on my dad's role call paper I felt a connection with her but I didn't know yet. My dad was Grace's health teacher and physical education teacher.

What is a memory you have of Grace? How did Grace impact your life?

When Grace would get a message from my brother, Karson, she went running down the jumped off of the second step of the staircase. She would go ask Dustin and Holly if she could go! But Holly asked if she had a date with Cannon but she dropped everything to go with Karson. Or the time where my brother asked Grace at 11:30 at night if she wanted to go to Quarantine prom with him. She went rushing in her parents room at 11:30 to ask if she could go, but wait she didn't have a dress. So Grace being Grace she texted her friend who owned a dress shop and said she need a dress by tomorrow, but she wasn't open tomorrow but she made an Exception for Grace.