The #belikegrace
movement is simple...

Be the best version of yourself.
Brighten someone's day with a smile.
Be generous.
Tell someone you love them.
Say hello to brighten someone's day.
Be kind.
Spread compassion to the world.
Grace Schell - #belikegrace

What does the #belikegrace movement really mean?

By using the #belikegrace hashtag on social media you are helping to share Grace's legacy with so many people that may be looking for kindness and hope. Grace wanted nothing more than to spread joy, happiness, kindness, and positivity throughout the world and with her beautiful smile and happy spirit she did just that. When you post on a positive, kind, joyful message on social media, use the #belikegrace hashtag to continue to share the movement.

Watch the video to learn more about Grace, her story, and how she continues to impact the lives of others through the #belikegrace movement.

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Grace Schell Smiling - #belikegrace

Love your neighbor
as yourself

Grace entered heaven, with a heart full of love, on October 4th, 2020. From a young age Grace was always happy, she had a joy about her that cannot really be explained. Even when she was hurt she could find something positive to be happy about. She said her first word at 5 months, walked (not crawled) at 8 months, and then went off the conquer the world.

Grace liked to make people feel good about themselves and challenged them to make changes to help them be their best version. She held people accountable but did it with compassion. Since her passing, hundreds of stories have been told about how Grace encouraged people or helped them through a hard time, or inspired them, or even prayed with them, how she helped people that were being bullied, or just bought you a soda and talked to you for an hour like she had nowhere else to be.

It cannot be explained why such a young kid had all of these things inside of her. She was always called to a higher purpose and maybe Grace knew that her impact here on earth had to show what God could do for all of us in heaven.

Grace was simply too big for this world. God needed her to be his warrior.

For I tell you, I am about to do something new; see I have already begun.

- Isaiah 43:19